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OMG. This reminded me to the good old sweet memories while in Univ…
I took photography for one of the semesters. The lecturer was one of the famous sport photographers… He was such a good lecturer… Making us understand so many things easily (God bless him! Aamen)… (But I forgot few things like how to use the white balance, ISO… but this diagram helps alot!)
Anyway, he gave the class a very crazy tough assignment… Lol. Until now I can’t forget those moments… The assignment was to make a calendar. Sounds easy for some, right? Well, the calendar needs to have a ‘moving theme’ aka ‘moving time’ (example: 4 seasons) and the pictures must be taken around the campus only.
Since he was the sport photographer and working for famous news providers, his motto that I adopted until now: By hook or crook!
I think there were like more than 5, but less than 10 groups for the assignment. All had 3 partners in one group, but only my group, had 2, because not enough students… What made the assignment hard was, we need to finish up our assignment and present it on one event at Univ. And that event was like less than 2 weeks away.
What made matter worst was that each group, can only hold the camera (damned heavy with its special stand…) for a day or two. And we needed to vote who will take the camera first… (I remembered that one group hold the camera for more than 2 days and gave heartaches to other groups, including my group…)
Anyway, my group assignment started from early in the morning, until late at night… When I mean late, I mean at around 2am (working as if I will get money for it! Lol!) Best still, my car lost the plate number while driving through quite a big flood in the Univ compound. It was raining so heavily during the evening…
But we both did things that other groups didn’t do… And I guess the lecturer can see it… He got a pretty sharp eyes… We both actually climbed to the top of many buildings in the campus… When I think about it again, it was crazy! Lol.
Carrying those equipments… Climbed to the top of the hall, the library, this one faculty (I can’t remember its name…)… The last faculty was the law faculty…
Again, thinking about it, it was crazy! Taking pictures of the law faculty in wee hour! Lol.
But I am so happy I did my very best. We got A for the assignment… Highest marks. I remembered one group failed to submit the assignment and failed overall… And the group was not after us… But one of the earlier groups before us… (If I am not mistaken, I was the last group to get the camera… And if I am not mistaken, they made mistake by not following the ‘theme’ given…)…
Anyway, I loved this kind of adventurous assignment… I don’t mind to do it all over again… Only that… With a lighter camera… 🙂

Texas Sniper

Yesterday I watched this movie: *Sniper*

After an hour or two of watching it, my mind was actually laughing non-stop.

No. It was not a comedy movie. It was a real life story directed by Clint Eastwood, main actor was Bradley Cooper who was acting as the Late Chris Kyle.

[Spoiler Alert]

My mind was laughing because I cannot get off the idea of the guy aka Chris Kyle, was dead in the end. He was dead after he got home safely from 4 times going to the war zones.

At the end, I thought he was about to get killed in the war zone. Or even because of his high blood pressure. But no. He got home safely to his family and even managed to move into a new house(?)… And I thought the ending was like… He will live happily ever after with his family… (When I checked the time of the movie was about to finish…)

But NO. He was being killed by a nut case veteran from his own country…! The country that countless of times he vowed to protect in the movie. *Laughing again*.

Did you see what God just did there? It is called Karma… I.e. What goes around, comes around…

I have nothing against the whites west since I have heard many times from those people who condemned their own governments for sending their troops to the war zones…

My question now is… Why didn’t they send anybody to Nigeria while the Boko Haram already killed 2000 people (and it was said to be more…) in one day?!

Like someone stated correctly: No petrol, no war?

(Nigeria do have petrol, but I think they didn’t sell it to the Texas sniper country…)

Anyway… Have a nice day and God bless everyone. Aamen.

Satire = Freedom of Speech???

Putting aside who killed ‘Charlie Hebdo’, I would like to seriously ask this question:

Should we feel sorry to those people who are working every single day for years, to insult and mocking others’ beliefs, cultures, relationships, etc.?

Just put it in another situation for example:

A senior student who always calling names or insulting one junior kid’s parents or family member… Should we all tolerate that and calling it as a freedom of speech?

If the bullied junior kid’s parents suddenly found out about this situation and took matters into their hands, who would you support? The bullied kid’s parents or the senior bullier?

I do not feel sorry at all for those whom had been shot and killed (if they really were dead… or just a false-flag aka to create a reason to have more wars against the Muslims world). People say, if you play with fire, then get ready to be burnt. Therefore, they deserved to get what they got now. They worked so hard to get that kind of reactions… So why should people feel sorry for them? Even they, themselves are not sorry for what had befell unto them.

It is bipolar, not Ebola…

Z, you have not replied my rebuttals, yet you took it upon yourself to offer an alternative diagnosis based on whatever qualifications you have. SO please do answer me.

Above was written by a (so-called) diagnosed bipolar person. (However I can bet that this person actually convinced the doctors to see this person as a bipolar person… Rather than an actual bipolar case!)

P.S.: This person admitted that some doctors made wrong diagnosed for this person’s case.

What can I say? I have personal experiences with the real bipolar people and I learned that, it is better to just listen and stay away from them. Never ever involved in any kind of argument with them.

But, with this person’s case, this person have had proven in all this person’s messages and postings, that this person can be a consistent person… Bipolar? I don’t think so.

No bipolar person can stick to one topic at a time. Therefore, useless to speak to them… You will get so tired talking to them. They will jump from one topic to another topic in a split second… and this person can stick to the same topic for 4 days now! 4 freaking days!

This person actually said that if this person ever to tell me about the doctors’ names, I will be pissing myself off… Lol. Well, for sure that is one of the bipolar’s traits. I.e. bragging. [God forbids me! Aamen].

If only this person knew… The other way round is true… Lol.

Another big reasons why I just ignored this person are:
1) I was thinking that this person *might* have a bipolar… and very unfortunately not an Ebola (since this person always write suicidal fb statuses).

2) This person actually deleted me from fb before I could even read this person’s first reply. So why should I even want to bother replying this person? And this person actually sent friend request to add me again… Lol. Why should I accept a request from a mad person? [God forbids me. Aamen]. I prefer to stay away from them… Not because I have no mercy on them. But I learned that you may never know when they will viciously attack you violently.

That is why asylum is being built. They (read: doctors) know better what we do not know… And of course, I am talking from my own experiences here… If you value your life and your things, stay away from them. Have as little contact as possible. No one can save them, accept themselves!

3) If I can buy a gun, I might want to buy one and send it to this person… Or maybe I should just buy some delicious foods and make it this person’s last meal. That’s what friends are for…

2015 Umbrella

I was asked by few people about my 2015 resolutions. Truth be told, I had none – at the time I was being asked.

All because my mind was busy worrying about the flood disaster… That I had actually frozen my time and forgot about the approaching new year…

However, as the days passing by… I am picking up myself and putting some senses back into my mind, that what had happened, had happened. I told myself, Jews taught themselves to always move on, after the worst disasters… They always have hope for a brighter future… Amid the dark gloomy past… Many deaths… Many sufferings… They keep on thriving and thriving to success!

So here I am… Thanking God for still having the chance to see the world in a new year… 3 days already past 2015 and I am just coming out with my new year’s resolutions… Better late than never…


For more than a decade, 2014 can be seen as a ‘down’ year for me… Second ‘down’ year of my life… My wings had been clipped by a mysterious disease that I had to face for more than half a year and with an additional injury on my right leg since the last 2 months. Thank God things are getting better now.

I know things are more tougher for those who are facing the flood disaster… Therefore I have nothing to complaint over my problems. I am just writing it for a record.

Anyhow, my resolutions are to:

  1. read more books
  2. losing weight (due to the sickness mentioned above, I had put on some weights… The medicines do not work well, but they will give gastric problem if I eat in a small amount of food… Therefore, to eat the medicines, I have to eat reasonably… Why would I want to add gastric into my sickness list, right? Lol)
  3. plan my life better for the coming days, weeks, months,…
  4. update this blog as often as I can…
  5. work harder and non-stop to help less fortunate people…
  6. always becoming a better person than yesterday~


That’s all for now… I can’t think so much right now with so many things happening around us are only going towards negativity… Crude oil price with USD55 per barrel? Ice-melting… Extreme deforestation, extreme weathers, food price going up by more than triple its original price…

I could not imagine how we are all going to survive decently in the coming months… I.e. not only in Malaysia, but the whole world…

Whatever it is… Keep walking, keep moving, keep striving, keep hoping, keep smiling, keep laughing, keep your faith!


Moving towards the sunshine…

Happy New Year 2015!

Praying that this year will bring a better health and wealth to all of us. Aamen.


I used to say this before… But I can not remember when and where… Or might only be in my mind…

I said: I have had been to many other countries before and I realized that even if my country stops developing for the next 20 years, our development is still pretty intense and majority of the countries in this world still could not catch up with us.

Even after the tragedies befallen us, we can still stand up once again and thrive to success. Hopefully it will be a greener success.

Keys to success: Have hopes and never give up!